Løkken Bryghus

Proud traditions for quality beer

At Løkken Bryghus, beer is brewed according to craftsman’s traditional methods. Master Brewer, Kent Boalth is actively involved throughout the whole brewing process – from choosing the finest malt and hops, to brewing and tapping the bottles and barrels.

A visit to the brewery is a very special experience of beer brewing art and gives unique insight to the craftsmanship, which is essential when creating Løkken Bryghus Beer.

In the comfortable surroundings of the brewery lounge “Bryggerstuen”, many guests meet to taste, evaluate and enjoy the different types of beer the brewery offers.

Experience Løkken Bryghus from the inside and see brewing up close by booking a guided tour in order to find the beer of your preference.

We look forward to welcoming you to Løkken Bryghus.