Beer and food


When choosing beer for your food, there are some general guidelines: Strong beer for heavy food and pale beer for light food. It is important to be aware of whether the dish is fat or not if so, a beer is required which can provide some resistance to the food. Strong beer neutralizes the fat by “cleansing” the palate.

Beer is also very suitable for the food preparation: As spices, to neutralize fattiness, to braise, to marinate, as an element in sauces and cooked dishes, to provide bitterness in liquid form and for tenderizing the meat.

Beer guide – the perfect companion for food

Strong dishes: Stronger beer, eg. strong pilsner or luxury beer.

Light dishes: lighter beer, eg. pilsner or classic

Bright dishes: Light beer, eg. wheat beer, light beer or pilsner

Dark dishes: Dark beer, eg. lager, classic or dark luxury beer

Sweet dishes: sweet beer, eg. porter or stout.