Taste beer

Good beer is drunk with all senses

Appearance: We eat and drink with our eyes. Therefore, the eyes give us the first impression of the beer. Hold the glass up to the light and assess its color, clarity, foam, and liveliness. Is the beer straw yellow, amber, nut brown or coffee black? Swirl the beer around the glass, releasing aroma, and one can assess the foam of the beer. Does the beer leave “laces” on the sides of the glass?

Aroma: Initially, we sense the beers aroma through its smell. Hold the beer up to the nose and sniff. Does it smell of hops and flowers, spices, nuts or fruits and berries? Can you smell malt and alcohol?

Taste: The tongue tastes the sweetness, acidity, bitterness and other flavors of the beer. The taste experience is a combination of fragrance, taste and general impression. Is the aftertaste long or short, is it sweet or bitter?

Sensation: One can feel the liveliness of the beer in the form of the prickling sensation from the released carbon dioxide. In the mouth you experience the fullness of the beer and whether it feels cool or warming. It is the alcohol in the beer that contributes to the fullness and warmth. The beer’s temperature is also essential for the beer tasting. If the beer is too cold, mucous membranes and taste buds are stunned in the mouth and the beer tastes of nothing.

Hearing: A loud pfsst when opening the beer says something about the amount of carbon dioxide there is in the beer.

Cheers: It is with beer as with love. It is always best when you experience it with others. Beer is a social drink and therefore always best in good company and nice surroundings.

Beer tasting is therefore not just the taste of beer, but an experience for the senses…